Home Alarms - Help On Choosing The One For You

Michael Burton
There are many excellent alarm systems in New Zealand and all of them are as good as each other.
We have narrowed down some choices for you to help choose one to suit your Home as well as your style!

Prices start from $850 +gst for a fully installed system with a 3 year parts warranty.
Take a look at the options below to see what sort of alarm would suit you.

Here Are Some Alarm Options

We have some exiting alarm system options for you. From budget conscious to more expensive alarms that actually photograph the intruder! Whatever your needs, whatever the premises, we can help and advise.

Traditional 'Wired' alarms
Traditional 'Wired' alarms
The most traditional system are 'Hard Wired' where the sensors and sirens are cabled back to the main control panel.
This may be your best choice if your home is as follows;
  • Single Storey
  • Easy and roomy loft access (for cabling)
  • No detached outbuildings to protect
If this is your arrangement, click here to see our favourite choices in this range
Wireless Alarms
Wireless Alarms
Wireless alarms are so much easier to fit but they are a bit more expensive on the hardware.
If your home is as follows, then wireless is the way to go;
  • 2 storey home
  • Limited loft space
  • Flat roof
  • Detached Outbuildings to protect
Alarms with Cameras Inside
Alarms with Cameras Inside
For best protection, you may wish to have an alarm system with cctv cameras inside the sensors!
These cameras photograph the intruder as well as ring the sirens. This option would mean you have an actual series of photographs to give to the police!
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