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Superb Wireless Alarm Kit with 3 Pet-Friendly sensors, 1 Door switch, 2 Remotes AND a Free WiFi Camera! - Special Price $495...

Alarm Kit
This Alarm comes Pre-Programmed and ready to go.

Just pop the batteries in the sensors, screw them to the wall and your alarm is done!

The kit comes with a free WiFi Camera that you can view on your smartphone from anywhere at anytime! Pop in an SD Card and it records on motion 24/7!

Just teach the alarm your WiFi password from the free app and you have a complete, self-monitored alarm, ready and working within 15 minutes!

This is a perfect "Man gift" option or simply the easiest security protection you will ever make.

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Special Price Just $495 inc.

Wireless Alarm with Camera

Usual Price is $695 but we hope you will spread the word, so we are offering this alarm (via Facebook) for just $495 inc gst while stock lasts


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The Risco Agility 3 alarm has a CCTV camera built-in to take up to 7 images of intruders as they enter the room. These images get sent directly to your smartphone so you don't pay any ongoing charges.